How Technology Changes Our Lives And The Times

If the heat that never seems to end is anything to go by, then we should know that the changes wrought by technology is on a colossal level...

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Some of the Best Uses Of Facetime Video Calling

When most of our friends and family is across the globe, how can we not let them be a part of our important part of our lives? Everything is available at the click of a button, thus introducing video calling feature that makes our lives so much more convenient. This feature lets us converse over call or face to face with people on a one to one basis or even as a group, sharing all the important and fun moments of our lives with them sitting at their homes.

There are different types of video calling apps that help us make our lives easy and simple; some of them include:

  • Skype: one of the most widely used apps for calling. It is available for computers and also for devices like Android, Blackberry, and iOS.
  • Facebook messenger: this is another free app, for Android, iOS, and windows to make calls anytime and anywhere.
  • Apple face time: this is yet another free video calling app for all the iOS users. Facetime is the only app that isn’t available on other devices. But in other ways, you can use facetime for pc to follow this complete guide to installing facetime video calling app.
  • Tango: this app is for Android, iOs, and Windows OS computers, apart from video calling this app also has features that include sending texts, animations, and files too.
  • Whatsapp: this app needs your phone number as an id proof and lets you create your account which helps you chat, send files and other things too. It also permits audio and video calling.